Purple Cheveron Minky Nuzzle

Nuzzle Baby

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A unique baby toy made specially for your little one.

Hand painted by me and printed onto organic cotton with Eco friendly water based inks and/or low impact dyes.
Soft minky fabric on the front and bunny head and 100% organic cotton on the back.

Each comforter is made unique measuring approximately 25cm square (not including the tag length and bunny head)


Why are sensory toys important?

Sensory toys stimulates your child’s brain growth and development in several ways.
-The minky fabric is soft and provides great tactile (touch) stimulation for your little one.
-Bright, bold, brilliant patterns are used. Research shows that babies prefer these colors and patterns encouraging development of the optic nerves.
-Your little one love to explore their environments through their mouths! The soft minky fabric is great “sucking” fabric. The ribbons provide different textures for your baby’s mouth, furthering their brain development.
-When your baby begins to teethe, you’ll notice that they will hook their teeth into the ribbons and pulls their teeth against the ribbons.

This toy is meant to be GREATLY LOVED…to be sucked on, tugged on, and gnawed on

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